Championing Balanced Politics for Alaska

Build Alaska’s Future Action Fund is a grassroots social welfare organization dedicated to promoting democracy, transparency, and balanced politics.

Who we are

BAF Action supports reasonable candidates and prevents extremists from gaining office. In today’s polarized political climate, Alaska demands reliable and balanced political representation. Our state’s legacy of bipartisanship is a testament to leaders who consistently prioritize collaboration to achieve meaningful progress. And we work to uphold that tradition. 

As a grassroots Alaska organization, we leverage the trusted, nonpartisan brand of our public education initiative, which reached hundreds of thousands of Alaskans with a $100,000 investment from 2021 to 2022. Learn More About BAF.

Our Goal

In 2022, we invested over $100,000 in digital ads supporting Mary Peltola, contributing to her successful campaign. In 2024, we plan to allocate $500,000 for her re-election, advocating for responsible governance and unity. 


Join us in building a stronger future for Alaska. Your support enables us to challenge political extremism, foster transparency and education, and back thoughtful leaders dedicated to our state’s advancement. Together, we can champion Alaska’s legacy of bipartisan collaboration and create a positive, lasting impact for generations to come, setting a precedent for states across our nation. 


Every $10,000 helps us reach over 820,000 impressions across Alaska!

Our Initiatives

BAF Action helps manage an interactive map of infrastructure funding across Alaska with our sister nonprofit BAF Education Fund. This tool connects infrastructure projects to people and places, promoting transparency and civic engagement. By exploring the data, Alaskans can see the direct impact of federal investments on their communities.

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